Work Experience

What is Work Experience?#

Work Experience courses provide college credit for your work in a job, internship, or volunteer position. Students are supported by faculty as they explore career pathways, learn professional skills, and gain real-world training in the workplace through this non-traditional class. 

  • Earn college credit for work/internships (in or out of your field of study)
  • Paid, unpaid, or volunteer placements are eligible
  • Many Work Experience courses are associated with certificate and degree requirements
  • CSU-Transferable - Complete and use units towards transfer requirements

Work Experience credit is awarded based on 75 hours of paid work/internship or 60 hours of unpaid internship per unit the student is enrolled. 

WE Credit & Hour Requirements - WE Hours Must Be Completed Within Course Dates:
1 unit - 60 Hours Unpaid | 75 Hours Paid
2 units - 120 Hours Unpaid | 150 Hours Paid
3 units - 180 Hours Unpaid | 225 Hours Paid
4 units - 240 Hours Unpaid | 300 Hours Paid

WE courses require an add code/permission #. View Steps to Enroll

Work Experience Courses#

Earn college credit for work/internships (in or out of your field of study). Paid, unpaid, or volunteer placements are eligible.

Many Work Experience courses are  associated with certificate and degree requirements CSU-Transferable - Complete and use units towards transfer requirements.

Supervised employment which is intended to assist students in acquiring desirable work habits, attitudes and career awareness. The Work experience does not have to be related to the students' educational goal (Title 5 section 55252)

Supervised employment extending classroom based occupational learning at an on-the-job learning station relating to the students' educational or occupational goal. Work Experience 270 can be discipline specific (Title 5 section 55252)

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Steps to Enroll#

Students must have a job, internship, or volunteer position and complete all requirements below in order to be eligible for an ADD code/permission # to enroll in Work Experience.

Once ALL forms and requirements are approved, the Work Experience Instructor will send an email to you with an ADD/permission # to enroll in the Work Experience class shortly before the semester begins.

*NOTE: Students in paid/unpaid positions may be required to complete additional requirements or forms to onboard and work for a company. Students completing an unpaid internship or volunteer position at Mesa College or SDCCD will be required to submit the SDCCD Volunteer Form and additional forms to their hiring department. Please ask your direct supervisor of your department about what is expected and the process. 

WE Placement#

Need a Work Experience Placement?

Use these tips & resources to get help finding a job, internship, or volunteer position: 

SEARCH & APPLY: Use your MySDCCD email to activate & apply for positions with a FREE Handshake Job Board account

GET SUPPORT: Schedule an appointment with a Mesa Internship Coordinator on Handshake to get help finding & applying for positions - Connect ASAP!

BE PREPARED: Update your resume & schedule an appointment with a Mesa Career Peer Ambassador on Handshake for assistance with highlighting your skills

EXPLORE COMPANIES: Search for companies to work at using Handshake & the Work Experience Employer Database

USE RESOURCES: Check out Mesa Career Services for articles, videos, & tools to find open positions & stand out to employers


Child Development Students#

Need CHIL 151 as a co-requisite to CHIL 270?
Students pursuing the Child Development degree must take CHIL 151 and 270 together as combo classes at the same campus because the class content and field experience assignments are aligned. Students following this track must have a job/internship/volunteer placement at a licensed, early childhood education program that serves children 5 years of age and under and must be directly supervised by California Mentor Teacher, or by a classroom teacher who holds the California Master Teacher permit. CHIL 151/270 will be offered through Mesa College during the Spring 2024 semester:

CHIL 151 - CN # 55136 - Cross, Ida

CHIL 270 - CN # 56230 - George, Maria (120 Unpaid Hours | 150 Paid Hours)

Work Experience Forms#

Work experience online forms change every semester. Make sure you are completing the correct forms for the semester you are enrolled in.

View Fall 2023 Work Experience Online Checklist for form links. 

Spring 2024

Before Enrollment:

After Enrollment in Work Experience Course:

Optional - Highly Encouraged!


Gender, Equity, Sexual Harassment & Violence Prevention Training

All WE students must complete this training prior to submitting a Cumulative Work Record, but you are encouraged to complete the training prior to logging your Work Experience Hours. This training includes an introduction to educational and workplace regulations and guidance regarding sexual harassment including how to recognize, report, and prevent sexual assault and harassment. 

  1. Self-Enroll in Canvas in the Gender Equity, Sexual Harassment and Violence Prevention Training Course
  2. Complete the training. Organized into 3 modules: Key Concepts, Reporting and Response, Awareness and Prevention, you will find a series of short videos and supplemental handouts for review. Hit the "next" button at the bottom right to move through the course content.
  3. Submit documentation of completion. Print your grades to PDF and send via email to the campus Work Experience Coordinator. 

Employer Database#

Check out the list of employers that have supervised Mesa College Work Experience students for jobs, internships, or volunteer positions in previous semesters. 

Need Help?#

Contact Shawn Fawcett for if you have questions or concerns.

Shawn Fawcett, Ed.D.
Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Work Experience Coordinator